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Young plants,
big projects

Our production of young plants can count a wide range in order to support the realization of any green project.

Of which over 80 patented varieties in P9 and P13. The cultivation occurs in new shady and completely renewed greenhouse structures.

We follow strict and controlled processes in order to support the growing of healthy plants which will become the perfect green heart of new projects.

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Varietal assortment of young plants


In the meantime we have improved the production process to obtain a homogeneous product ready for quality cultivation and a significant renewal of the production structures has begun with the construction of new greenhouses and shade houses; we follow rigorous and controlled processes to support the growth of healthy and perfect plants to become the green heart of new projects.

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The benefits of an informed choice
Traceability of the plant
Best quality
Production scheduling
Development of new varieties
Competitive price

Young Plants

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