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Containerised growing

We invested heavily in this production technique in order to guarantee the availability of a vast range of products for our clients, always ready for delivery and planting.

Our use of containerised growing techniques allows us to work without having to consider the plants’ physiological development cycle, which otherwise restricts the periods in which operations can be carried out.

This production technique is employed in our nurseries using substrates prepared specifically on the basis of the soil requirements of each variety, both for open ground planting and protected areas in greenhouses and shade tunnels, allowing us to maintain top quality standards throughout the year.

Containerised growing

Varietal assortment of plants grown in pots


  • 1637748322 scaled 72d8f05a

    CUPRESSUS sempervirens ‘Swane’s Gold’

  • 1611388503 47c37273

    FORSYTHIA X intermedia ‘Mindor’

  • PUNICA granatum 'Nana'

    PUNICA granatum ‘Nana’

  • 1691511464 scaled a167e8e6

    CAMELLIA japonica ‘Madame Lourmande’

  • BAMBUSA Phyllostachys aurea

    BAMBUSA Phyllostachys aurea

  • ASTER dumosus 'Schneekissen'

    ASTER dumosus ‘Schneekissen’

  • PRUNUS PERSICA 'Silver Prolific'

    PRUNUS PERSICA ‘Silver Prolific’

Growing plants in containers

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