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Plants production

Giovani Piante

Young plants

Producing young plants, with a production in pot 9 and pot 13, allows our company to guarantee the customer:
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    Traceability of the plant
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    Product quality
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    Production scheduling
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    Development of new varieties
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    Competitive price
Cultivation takes place in new greenhouses, shade houses and completely renovated structures; we follow rigorous and controlled processes to support the growth of healthy and perfect plants to become the green heart of new projects.

Open ground growing

An important sector of our production is represented by this tecnique, which takes advantage of the fertility of the soil of the plain of Pistoia.

Today more than 50% of our surface are cultivated in the ground. Compared to the past we have modernized the whole production process, with the use of modern agricultural machinery, increased the distance between rpws, implemented a multi years program of transplants, applying scupulously all cultivation tecniques required by each variety in cultivation.

Coltivazione in piena terra
Coltivazione in contenitore

Containerised growing

We invested heavily in this production technique in order to guarantee the availability of a vast range of products for our clients, always ready for delivery and planting.

Our use of containerised growing techniques allows us to work without having to consider the plants’ physiological development cycle, which otherwise restricts the periods in which operations can be carried out.

This production technique is employed in our nurseries using substrates prepared specifically on the basis of the soil requirements of each variety, both for open ground planting and protected areas in greenhouses and shade tunnels, allowing us to maintain top quality standards throughout the year.

Shaped plants

Each plant is born and grows with its own natural profile, but humans have always strived to modify their shapes to create an ideal garden.

Our staff, with constant training and longstanding experience, are capable of creating genuine works of plant art.

Our range of sculpted trees is in constant evolution, with evergreen and deciduous varieties grown in traditional, modern, and creative shapes.

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Arte topiaria

Topiary art for ornamental use

Using the Ligustrum delavayanum and Ilex crenata, from a long time, we realize a large range of topiary like animals, objects or any particular shape you may require. To learn more about our production and to inform you about the availability of Topiary Art products, Request our catalog.