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In recent years, with the rapid acceleration of climate change, we are all called to plan the future of the next generations. Especially a nursery company like ours must be at the forefront in dealing with this programming, because plants are essential for life.

This is why we lay the foundations every day to improve, add and strengthen the idea of a responsible and sustainable nursery.

Programming also means attention to innovations. This is why we are introducing technology in our nurseries that allows saving resources, continuous monitoring of production processes and consequently reducing waste.

Our eco-sustainable production cycles are recognized by MPS (class A) and GLOBAL GAP environmental certification, internationally recognized and certifying the eco-sustainability of the plants produced by our company.

Certificazione ambientale MPS

Certificazione ambientale MPS

(class A)

The MPS environmental certification guarantees the quality and sustainability of the nursery sector. By recording our consumption, we can monitor the level of sustainable production and make the necessary changes to work by reducing the environmental impact. This type of certification guarantees not only environmental sustainability but also respect for the customer and ethical working conditions.

logo global gap

Certificazione Global Gap

Global Gap establishes voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products and plants around the world with the aim of standardizing good agricultural practices (G.A.P.)

It is the certification that guarantees our customers the quality, safety and documented traceability of our nursery production.


Recupero delle acque

Water recovery

We are very attentive to water management through the use of localized irrigation systems on all of our nurseries.

In each production unit there is a recovery system for the water not absorbed by our plants.

Energie rinnovabili

Renewable energies

To date we have installed on the roofs of our warehouses, photovoltaic systems for a total of 250 KW, for the needs of our productions, with the prospect of reaching 500 KW in the coming months.

Pacciamanti naturali


Use of natural mulch, produced from wood waste to fight in a sustainable way the development of “weeds” in our container crops.

vasi 100% riciclabili senza carbonfossile

100% recyclable and eco-sustainable

100% recyclable and eco-sustainable pots, i.e. free of molecules derived from fossil coal, have been used for some years for the production of young plants and for the entire range intended for garden centers.


We cultivate plants in an increasingly responsible way.

We have reduced drastically the use of pesticides by using natural alternative techniques such as organic mulching and the use of natural microorganisms.

Thanks to the cultivation of flowering plants and ornamental plants we help to maintain habitats and food sources for pollinating insects, so important for the survival of plants and consequently, of the entire human species.

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