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Quality certifications

Inspired by gratitude and respect for nature. Everyday.

It is the daily care of our plants, the choice of technologically advanced and eco-sustainable cultivation techniques that move our work.

We use our minds and our hands to select, cultivate and grow our plants, to design every landscape need with innovation, transparency and above all sustainability.

We put all of our knowledge and skills acquired over decades of work into every plant we grow, so that the next generation of plants is stronger and more lush for the next generation of people.

apporre certificazione piante

Environmental certification MPS (CLASS A)

The MPS environmental certification guarantees the quality and sustainability of the nursery sector.
By recording our consumption, we can monitor the level of sustainable production and make the necessary changes to work by reducing the environmental impact.
This type of certification guarantees not only environmental sustainability but also respect for the customer and ethical working conditions.

logo global gap

Global Gap Certificazion

Global Gap establishes voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products and plants around the world with the aim of standardizing good agricultural practices (G.A.P.)
It is the certification that guarantees our customers the quality, safety and documented traceability of our nursery production.