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Garden centre and GDO

We grow plants for garden centers and large-scale distribution. For each the right solution.

A wide range of persistents in 10, 18 and 30 liter containers. Rich assortment of original formed plants: from half stems, mini stems, gardener and espaliers, to classic bonsai. Great availability of shrubs including numerous varieties of Japanese Maples and Bambusa.

Extensive range conifers that includes both dwarf and large growing cultivars.
A wonderful assortment of fruit trees in selected varieties.

Climbing plants with evergreen leaves or stunning flowers.
Large perennials, specimen grasses and roses in an assortment of colors and shapes.
Mediterranean plants and palms, from the classics to more exotic specimens.


In our nurseries we welcome customers with pleasure so that they can closely view, get to know our plants and select with our help those most suitable for their business.

CEDRELA sinensis 'Flamingo'

CEDRELA sinensis ‘Flamingo’

LAGERSTROEMIA indica 'Coccinea'

LAGERSTROEMIA indica ‘Coccinea’



Garden centre

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